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Oncology department is a branch which gives comprehensive care to the patients who are diagnosed with cancer.

At Raheja Hospital you will find a dedicated team of specialist who is ready to provide the perfect combination of cancer care with cutting-edge technology and diagnosis facilities. From the day patient enter the hospital until he gets cured Raheja Hospital Doctors and staff take proper care of patients.

The goal of the oncology department is not only to eradicate cancer but also to prevent the chances of reoccurrence. There is a number field in which oncology department deals with, but 3 major area are medical, surgical and radiology field.

It is very important for a patient and his caretaker to have a proper knowledge about the benefit and risk connected with the treatment. Raheja hospital encourages patient and attended to be part of the treatment process. Talking more about information kind of treatment, Benefit, and risk of treatment.

Raheja hospital oncology department adds the center of excellence in finding the best cure for cancer. The Oncology department of the hospital also listed amongst the top 10 hospitals in the city. The hospital offers personalized care for the cancer treatment. The Onco-Department has various types of therapy which are used alone or in combination, depends on the type of cancer. Such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy as well as immunotherapy.

Who is an oncologist? The top oncologist at Raheja Hospital.

Before telling you about Top oncologist at Raheja Hospital, Let me brief you about who is an oncologist. Oncologists are the doctors who deal with cancer and provide the medical solution to the person who diagnosis with cancer. Raheja Hospital has the top team of the doctor who provides the best treatment for cancer. The Infirmary has Dr. Suresh Advani who is famous and expert oncologist in the country. He is also pioneered Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in India. Other than Dr. Advani hospital has Dr. Akshay Shah, Dr. Bharat Bhosale, Dr. Anupama Borkar, Dr. Chetan Anchan, and Dr. Sanjeev Karmarkar. You can book your appointment through clinicspots.

 Medical procedure use by Oncology Department (Raheja hospital)

  1. a) Active surveillance for prostate cancer

Active surveillance for prostate cancer is a way of surveillance that cancer has not spread out the prostate. It is also called Active monitoring.

  1. b) BRCA gene test for breast cancer

 BRCA gene test is a blood test which is used to identify one of the two breast cancer vulnerability genes.

  1. c) Barium enema

Barium enema or colon X-ray is an X-ray examination to find out alteration or defects in large intestine.

  1. d) Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration

Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration is a procedure for examining the bone marrows health. Under this procedure, the doctor diagnoses that bone marrow is healthy and making normal blood cell.

  1. e) Breast biopsy
  2. f) Breast reconstruction with flap surgery
  3. g) Breast self-exam for breast awareness
  4. h) CA 125 test
  5. i) CT scan

At Raheja Hospital you will get a wide range of for various types of cancer. Before I finish this article I just want to add that “Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.”

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Exercising When You Are Pregnant

If you want to be your best self when you are pregnant, you need to follow a good eating plan and exercise regularly. However, you must be careful what you choose in an exercise routine. That is because you have certain special needs that consider the condition of your back and how you will deliver your child.

Making Childbirth Easier

If you prefer natural childbirth, you need to make sure that your exercise programme corresponds to your needs in this respect. When delivering a child, you want to make sure the pain is not as intense and that the delivery is made easier. You can make this happen by following a regular exercise routine that is supported by physio specialists in the field.

Therefore, it is helpful to enrol in a programme that takes all this into account. By taking part in pregnancy physio in Perth, you can be assured that your delivery will be smoother and successful. Women today have many concerns on their minds. As a result, they need to pay close attention to what they eat and the exercises they employ.

Feel More Empowered

When people are well experienced in conducting classes that centre on the needs of pregnant women, women feel healthier and more empowered. You should not have to cut down on your exercise routine when you are pregnant. You should know what is allowed and what is not permitted when you are active as well.

Stick to a Safe Exercise Routine

If you are following the wrong type of exercise, one of a number of problems can result, including prolapse, pain and injuries, and incontinence. You can avoid all these symptoms when you rely on professionals in the field of exercise and physio to help. The right type of exercise routine should consider the mood of the exerciser as well as her health needs. It is also directed to the body shape.

Never Overdo it

If you do not want to tax yourself or overdo it, you owe it to yourself to obtain assistance in this respect. You can also receive assistance after you have delivered your child. That way, you will feel less inclined to feel blue or depressed. The whole idea of exercise is to create a healthier mindset and body. This can be achieved when you concentrate on staying healthy whilst you are expecting.

A New Lease on Life

Pregnancy physio classes can give you a new lease on life that can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. You can also ask for assistance if you are suffering from bladder or bowel issues or pelvic floor weakness. Again, be the best you can be during pregnancy and after you give birth. Make sure that you follow a specific exercise routine.

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Get the Benefits Of Liagandrol With Products From Online Stores

With more and more people getting supplements and the steroids for effective weight management and extensive muscle powers besides gaining tremendous strength, one cannot deny the effects of sound and reliable drugs that can help people learn the desired result. With Liagandrol there are some of the most critical aspects that users must know before getting the product. It is considered not only as the useful supplement for gaining muscle, but it falls under the category of SARM and can be used for building body within some days. The most vital aspect of this component is that it is regarded as one of the best alternatives which are free from steroid and hence the users would never get the side-effects like those in steroids. Unlike steroids, this supplement is far better and is safe to use.

Liagandrol traits

With Liagandrol, it has been seen that people can get the sound effects of the drugs which blend well with the receptors of Androgen. The incredible fact is that the drug only bonds with the androgen available in the muscle and do not affect the bones or eyes or any part of the body where ARs are present. Though people tend to rely on steroids for bodybuilding and muscle mass improvement, these days most of the bodybuilders are there who try to get the benefits only with such drugs that have the same effects like the steroids but will not affect the body negatively as steroids. With the extended usage of the steroids, you can feel the side-effects that are hard to fight, but with SARM drugs, you can use it for the bulking or the stacking purposes as well as during the cutting phrases without experiencing side effects. You will get ligandrol for sale at various online stores but then checking the reliability of the store is essential so that you can get quality products from them.

The benefits

The Liagandrol is considered as one of the most potent supplements which boost testosterone and thereby help the bodybuilders to reach their desired fitness goal. The supplement is also the healthy alternative of steroid to stimulate the muscle growth without experiencing many side-effects. You must decide the dosage under expert supervision before you start using the drugs for muscle building. The supplement is tremendous and fights against osteoporosis. Besides increasing the energy within the human body, the drug aids in preventing specific cancer. It is best for increasing the endurance of the muscle and even supports fast recovery. Improving the lean muscle mass is one of the essential function of the supplement. Apart from these, it also helps in weight loss techniques when teamed up with regular exercises and balanced diets. Boosting the libido is indeed another aspect of this supplement which the users will not deny.

The stores

Liagandrol for sale is available at various online stores, but it is better that you check the reviews before you order the supplement from them. For better and long-lasting effects of the supplement, you must maintain the suitable dosage as recommended.

Dive into the realm of legal steroids, identifying the best for muscle growth. Optimize your bulking regimen with top legal steroids, curated with insights from NDTV expert guide.

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Non-surgical Cheek Lift Results

Attractive faces in females are usually characterised by high cheekbones. When both of these points from the face create an equilateral triangular using the face, this is called the Triangular of Beauty. This creates balanced proportions and symmetry that lead to what others see like a beautiful face. Not everybody comes into the world using the genes for getting high cheekbones. However, surgical implants might help create this finish result. Non-surgical cheek lift procedures can also be found for individuals who don’t want surgery.

Celebrities and Cheek Fillers

Many aging celebrities choose dermal fillers to lift and augment their cheekbones. Because they are also losing fulness within their faces, these injections might help replenish lost volume.

Our media driven society adulates high beauty standards. For most people, it’s frequently insufficient to simply accept accept their natural and different beauty. And this can be why many people may have their doctors inject considerable amounts of fillers within their tries to achieve perfection.

However, real beauty is all about balance and just what looks flattering for the person. It can’t be performed by replicating another person’s features. Onlookers can certainly place a face that appears articificial.

Non-surgical Cheek Lift Outcomes Have To Be Subtle

It’s ironic the number of patients who aren’t famous can achieve natural searching and commendable results through non-invasive cheek lift procedures.

Pre and post images of these people frequently show in improvement in the manner they appear. However it doesn’t look strange or conspicuous.

Clearly, less filler was administered. Also, the physician must be proper on how to acquire a natural searching result. To intensify the cheek bone contour, you should make use of an injectable that may approximate the result of navicular bone. You can do this having a calcium based filler like Radiesse to boost the dwelling from the face.

For adding volume, it might be best to revive the nasolabial folds rather of just adding more filler towards the cheekbones. These folds have a tendency to become much deeper because of volume loss.

As the second tip, it’s most likely smarter to begin with minimal levels of filler around the first session. Then wait a couple of days to judge the outcomes. Additional visits could be arranged to supplement the end result. Structuring procedures in this manner enables the individual to determine their results fairly and also to get feedback using their company people.

If you are looking at obtaining a non-surgical cheek lift, discuss these possible strategies together with your physician. Try to look for images of results you want and pictures of results you need to avoid. This helps clarify your objectives together with your physician.

The cheek fillers Singapore received great attention for their medical progress. Face lift come in five popularity competition about cosmetic procedures. Most consumers are quite happy with the results, compared to the longest surgical procedures it requires in a more intrusive process more popular plastic recovery periods.

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Spine Surgery: Orthopaedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon?

When you need spine surgery for stopping your hurt back, the foremost and most significant decision make is to choose from an orthopaedic surgeon or perhaps a neurosurgeon. The option of the best surgeon is very important and you’ve got to think about factors like the experience and rate of success from the surgeon. Just how different are these 2 doctors?

You’ll first need to comprehend that both can execute spine surgery. Previously, neurosurgeons were the only real ones that may qualify to do spine surgery. Using the evolution in medical techniques, orthopaedic surgeons are very well outfitted using the understanding and skills to handle spine surgeries for patients too.

Neurosurgeons are medically trained doctors who’ve completed a minimum of a 4 to many years price of gruelling neurosurgery residency. Neurosurgeons concentrate on disorders affecting the central nervous system such as the brain, spinal-cord and nerves. There’s however one distinct part that sets them aside from orthopaedic surgeons. Neurosurgeons would be the only people who is able to perform surgery that’s within the dura mater from the spine. When the patient includes a tumor within the spinal-cord, cysts or spinal-cord malfunction, merely a neurosurgeon has the capacity to carry out the surgery for him.

Orthopaedic surgeons however are medically trained doctors who’ve completed a five years surgical residency concentrating on musculoskeletal disorders like the joints and bones. Most orthopaedic doctors concentrate on workplace injuires and bone disorders. Some orthopaedic surgeons will choose to pay attention to spine injuries and they’ll need to spend additional couple of years of time to accomplish fellowship training around the spine. Apart from the couple of specialised surgeries that just a neurosurgeon can transport out, orthopaedic doctors can execute other spine surgeries.

When selecting a surgeon to do spine surgery for you personally, the primary real question is not to select whether an orthopaedic surgeon or perhaps a neurosurgeon since both of them are equally adept to do the surgery. Rather, you ought to be asking what’s his specialisation. Many are specialised in cervical spine surgeries although some are more likely to lumbar disorders. The key questions you would like to ask is the number of similar surgeries they have performed up to now and do you know the success. Spine surgery as being a major surgery, you’d desire a very experienced surgeon to do it for you.

Gordon Tang has been popular in the Eastbay region for his specialization in neurosurgery and spinal surgery arena. The doctor has several affiliations with hospitals and medical affiliations that boast of his competency in the highly complicated medical arena.

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Why Spa Remedies Are Important

Seeing a spa is not regarded as a lavish extravagance – it’s now known to possess a advantageous impact on feeling and searching good. A spa treatment could be a healthy retreat that’s soothing and turns out to be fun. If you think each day isn’t enough and wish to have the bliss of the good spa strategy to longer, locate a spa break. A spa break can require per week and it might be probably the most luxurious holiday you are able to consider for you and soul.

The spa industry includes a history that goes back to greater than a 1000 many today it’s become a clinical concept. Hydrotherapy uses three key ingredients in supplying you having a seem physical and mental relaxation. They are heat, massage and buoyancy. The term spa comes from Latin phrases for example Solus per Aqua and Sanitas per Aquam, meaning health through water. Therefore, using water in spa treatments is really a broad element. Saunas, whirl pools, spas, steam baths and hands and feet baths are typical in spas.

Warm water has the ability to stimulate and refresh. It improves bloodstream and oxygen circulation in your body. Warm water therapy has demonstrated to help individuals struggling with diabetes and joint disease. Hydrotherapy could make sleeping patterns normal by reduction of stress along with other discomforts from the body. A massage you obtain inside a spa has several benefits. Massages reduce stress, ease tension, relieve pains and aches, improve bloodstream circulation, strengthen tissues and immunity and improve restful sleep. Utilization of hot gemstones, aroma therapy, wraps and soothing sounds can produce a spa day feel near to paradise.

A spa experience not just is good for the interior but additionally your exterior. As being a body wrap increases metabolic process, additionally, it invigorates the skin. Many of these wraps contain herbal compounds that carry many medicinal values. Body scrubs eliminate your dead and weak skin cells, giving the skin a radiant glow. Spas take care of the body out of your face for your ft. Waxes, manicures and facials are the couple of sides that include this blissful primary course. If you’re searching for any spa break you’ll find yourself remaining within the most relaxing environments. A spa in Devon can focus on all of your unwinding needs inside a beautiful landscape.

To think about yourself and your health has been troubled to restore the brain and dreams in the aromatic form, as you may have your crashes, whether it is your problem or not, it hurts your suffering sorrow or breath, all you need is find the cheap and good spas in Singapore.

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Finding Fitness Classes – A Quick Question that will help you Select the best Fitness Class

Attempting to achieve your workout goals with this year could be a very daunting task if you don’t plan it carefully, from beginning to end. You need to remove each day, regardless of how busy your schedule is, to sit down and choose how you need to proceed together with your workout goals. Must you concentrate on slimming down or must you build more muscle? Or have you got not a clue where to start and want specialist help? There are plenty of choices to select from for tackling any type of fitness that it may get quite incredible. This information will break lower a few of the important areas of finding fitness classes.

The initial question you have to think about is – what’s your overall level of fitness? Are you able to operate a flight of stairs without losing your breath or does walking miles scare the living daylights from you? After you have assessed your present condition, it might be simple to set more realistic goals. After that you can decide whether you need to choose a general weightloss routine or simply concentrate on endurance training.

Another useful trick would be to see a fitness instructor who are able to analyse your fitness levels and suggest the right fitness classes. For instance, the body may be very stiff and joining yoga classes may be well suited for your problem. Weight lifting might aggravate stiffness. However, you may be getting high cholesterol levels which may be combated with extensive cardiovascular training. After you have taken some advice, you’ll be in a far greater position to participate the particular fitness class.

Following this, you have to choose how much you are prepared to invest your weightloss routine. Would you like to enroll in a cheap, affordable gym and train by yourself or have you got the cash to employ an individual trainer for much better results?


Within the finish, everything boils lower for your lifestyle and preferences. You will find loads of individuals who just hate the monotonous routine of the gym and like more dynamic workouts for example dance classes or Zumba. There are some old-fashioned people that prefer taking a jog within their local parks every day for any breath of outdoors. However, you have to decide what you would like today to be able to stop postponing caring for your health insurance and start living a far more wholesome existence!

Only with the Fitness classes Singapore at a Rebate Price A new member of the member of some well-known National Gym category will run a huge $ 299 registration fee and $ 45 per month on a one year contract for $ 839. Plus, this is without the cost of having a fitness trainer to complete your goals.

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Reciprocal In Vitro Fertilisation: What Lesbian Couples should Know

Lesbian couples can consider an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) with the use of the eggs of one partner. This procedure is called reciprocal IVF. The eggs will be inseminated with donor sperm of which resultant embryo will be transferred into the other partner for conception and birth. With this option, the couples can both have a physical involvement in the child’s conception. Lesbian couples can greatly benefit from this procedure.

Egg Donation

A number of lesbian couples are likely to find donor eggs because their ovaries don’t produce viable eggs or they both don’t have ovaries. The partner who will offer the eggs for reciprocal IVF will have to go through preliminary procedures. The procedures can include a physical exam, a review of medical records, blood testing, and some screenings. Also, Fertty International Method can include an ovarian stimulation process that involves the use of hormonal medications. Oral contraceptives should be used to manipulate her cycle. Reciprocal IVF involves medical procedures that are almost identical with the standard IVF. The only difference is that the former involves two women.

Child Conception

The woman’s uterine lining should be synchronized with the embryo development’s stage to make pregnancy possible. Her menstrual cycle is synchronized with her partner’s cycle, using birth control pills. The use of estrogen and progesterone accomplishes the uterine lining preparation to implant the embryo.

Getting IVF with Donor Eggs Abroad

Fertility clinics in Europe are becoming more popular with women from various countries. These clinics provide exceptional treatment at a reasonable cost. When finding the best clinic, consider the following:

  • Specialization. In some clinics, most treatment cycles are IVF that uses a woman’s own eggs. If you are older than forty and considering egg donation, look for a clinic which specializes in treating women of your age.
  • Donor Recruitment and Screening. Make sure you know the procedures the clinic uses to screen their donors to make sure they are free from any genetic or infectious diseases. The more rigorous the screening, the more chances the clinic picks the best candidates.
  • Hidden costs. Fertility clinics may have a headline price that seems good value; however, doesn’t include some tests. You want to make sure you know what to expect from the services and the price you need to pay. Depending on your budget, it is often best to compare clinics. Quality clinics like Fertty International will ensure you get the worth of your investment.

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Knowing Colon Cancer: Check Causes, Symptoms and Treatments Here

Colon cancer is the cancer of colon, as also known as the large intestine. Much like other forms of cancer, color cancer occurs when clumps of cells are formed on the large intestine. While these clumps, which are known adenomatous polyps in medical terms, are non-cancerous, some of the polyps can eventually lead to colon cancers. Often it is hard to diagnose the presence of polyps without diagnostic tests, and the symptoms aren’t always obvious. Color cancer can be treated, if detected early, which is why screening tests are suggested by doctors. Here’s what you must know before visiting a colon cancer specialist.

Symptoms to note

Some colon cancer patients can have significant changes in bowel movements, which can include loose motions or diarrhea. Others may have constipation. Talk to a doctor if bowel movements don’t get better in three weeks or so. Other signs include blood in the stool, dark colored stool, and abdominal discomfort. Patients can have gas, pain or swelling in the abdomen that may not subside.  Fatigue, weakness and unexplained weight loss are some of the other signs. Sadly, there are no symptoms in the early stages of the disease, and that even highlights the importance of getting screened.

Getting screened, causes and more

Doctors usually recommend every person over the age of 50 to go for a colon cancer screening. Frequent screenings might be recommended if the patient has a family history of cancer. It is not yet clear as what causes colon cancer, but doctors know that colon cancer can occur when cells in the large intestine have errors in the DNA – which is practically what happens in every form of cancer. Inherited gene mutations can increase the risk in certain people, but there are only a few such cases known. In short, it is not necessary that you will get colon cancer if it runs in your family, but such factors do increase the risk.

Considerable number of people diagnosed with colon cancer are aged 50 or above, but younger people can get it too. It is also known that African-Americans are at a higher risk of this condition than others, which is why screenings are often recommended early. If you have a history of colorectal polyps or other problems of the large intestine, you may need to be more careful. Patients who have suffered from colon cancer in the past also need frequent screenings.

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What Can Teeth Whitening Do for You?

Teeth are an extremely important part of your body. You need them to do many parts of everyday life such as eating and communicating. Without teeth, eating or communicating would become much more difficult. We need each kind of tooth to be able to tear and grind our food properly. We need our teeth to be able to articulate words properly and show certain facial expressions, such as a smile. However, there is a sad truth to human nature. We will inherently judge people on how they look whether we mean to or not. It’s part of the reason why first impressions are such an infamous occurrence. We think that we know someone based on how he or she comes across but when we get to know that person, he or she might be completely different. If someone sees that your teeth are discoloured or stained, he or she will most likely judge you negatively. This isn’t a good thing. However, thanks to advancements in science, the field of cosmetic dentistry has emerged. There is a procedure in cosmetic dentistry that will help your teeth get their original colour back.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

There is a procedure within the field of cosmetic dentistry specifically designed to whiten your teeth. It’s called teeth whitening, named after what the procedure does. Teeth whitening involves using safe chemicals to break down the stains on your teeth. Things such as tobacco, coffee, red wine, and many kinds of berries can leave stains on your teeth. You cannot remove these stains easily. However, with the use of the chemicals involved in teeth whitening, you can restore colour to your teeth easily. In fact, professionals have perfected teeth whitening to the point where it can be done within an hour. This process is called Zoom. Professional Zoom teeth whitening is quite beneficial for someone who wishes to have teeth whitening done but doesn’t have much time to get the procedure done.

How Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Work?

Typically, Zoom teeth whitening involves placing a protective covering over your gums. Then your dentist will apply the special hydrogen peroxide whitening gel made for Zoom teeth whitening. The hydrogen peroxide will break down the molecular bonds of the stains on your teeth. A special LED light is used to speed up the process of the molecular breakdown. The special gel and LED light help keep the teeth whitening process going quickly so that it only takes around an hour to complete. This is where the process gets its name “Zoom” from. Having a professional dentist do the job will help your teeth return to their original pearly colour. This way, people will not judge you on the colour of your teeth. This makes life a lot easier. You will be back to having a bright, beautiful smile in no time.

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