March 2019


ADHD and Substance Use Disorder: What Parents Need to Know

Children and teenagers who have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) tend to experiment with smoke, drugs, and drinks than kids who don’t have the condition. Also, they are at a greater risk for developing a substance abuse disorder. But, their ADHD does not automatically make them dependent on substances as teenagers. Parents must know the link between ADHD and substance abuse, identify warning signs of ADHD drug abuse, set up efforts to prevent the abuse at home, and seek professional help when their children with ADHD have a drug issue.

ADHD and Substance Abuse

A lot of theories exist as to the reason ADHD increases the risk for substance abuse. These include the following:

  • Behavioral reasons. Children or teenagers with ADHD can be impulsive, have poor judgment, and can face troubles at school. All of these can increase their risk of using and abusing certain substances like alcohol or drugs.
  • Genetic link. Some experts say that there could be a genetic link with ADHD and the risk of developing a substance abuse disorder.
  • Self-medication. People with ADHD are likely to use psychoactive medications to self-medicate.

Importance of Early Treatment

In terms of substance abuse treatment for people with ADHD, timing matters. Kids treated at a younger age for ADHD may be less likely to use substances compared to those who start treatment later. It is possible for treatment to delay the onset of a substance abuse disorder. Also, it is essential to treat mental health issues that co-exist with ADHD such as depression and anxiety.

Stimulant Drugs for ADHD

Treatment for ADHD includes prescribing stimulant drugs. While no study has found these drugs can increase the risk of a substance abuse disorder, they can be misused, abused, or offered to other people. It is important to closely monitor children or teens with ADHD who are taking these drugs to prevent misuse. Doctors will question parents if their child loses pills or runs out early because these can be signs of misuse.

Signs of Substance Abuse in Children and Teens with ADHD

Drug and alcohol use can cause symptoms similar to ADHD. These include attention issues, disorganization, trouble completing tasks, poor appetite, loss of interest in school, trouble sleeping, and isolation. Parents must discuss any new symptoms or changes in ADHD symptoms with their children’s doctor. It is important to understand that ADHD begins in early elementary school while the majority of substance use disorders start in middle school.

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When to See a Doctor for your Headache

Any kinds of headaches can be a source of pain; however, they do not usually indicate you have a serious medical issue. During a headache, you may feel the pain on one side of your head or on both sides at once. You may experience throbbing pain in the forehead or worse. Sometimes, you may have new symptoms or issues that are more serious than normal. In this case, you might need to see a doctor. You can also get help from the National Headache Center Houston.

Kinds of Headaches

The severity of the pain and the kind of treatment you need depends on the type of headache you are suffering from. Below are the most common types:

  • Tension headache. If you experience this type of headache, you will have a constant band-like pain around the back of your head and neck or around the forehead. This headache could come with other symptoms such as tenderness around the neck, scalp, and shoulder muscles.
  • Migraine headache. This can be a recurring headache that appears quickly, usually with severe pain in the temple area on the side of your head. This pain may extend to the sinuses, face, neck, and jaw. This headache can last from 1-72 hours.
  • Sinus headache. This kind of headache occurs when the sinus cavities are inflamed, usually due to cold or allergies. It can cause pain and pressure around the eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead.

When to See your Doctor

If you experience headaches consistently once every week or more, you must see a neurologist. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan to minimize the frequency and severity of your headache. This is because if you experience four or more headaches every week, you are at risk of chronic migraine. When taking over-the-counter medicines for headaches that do not work, do not self-diagnose your condition as migraines. You need to see your doctor be properly diagnoses and to rule out any more serious conditions.

Moreover, you must see a doctor if you experience headaches that tend to be more severe or more frequently than normal, headaches that do not get better with the proper use of over-the-counter drugs, headaches that stop you from doing your normal activities, as well as headaches caused by exercise, coughing, and sexual activity. In case you experience headaches that cause you distress, visit your doctor to get a treatment option which works for you.

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Dental Implant Procedure Serving as A Welcome Alternative to Other Dental Treatments

There used to be a time when a fixed bridge or removable dentures were the only go-to solution in case of losing teeth. These solutions come with the added discomfort of taking special measures to maintain them. With the advent of implants, more people starting turning to it as it was more comfortable. They are surgical fixtures that replace the root of a tooth with screwlike metal posts.

Most of these dental implants are composed of titanium thus seamlessly integrating with the bone. They fuse well with the jawbone and not prone to slips. They are used whilst replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth. The way the surgery is performed on you depends on a few factors – your jawbone condition and type of implant.

Who are ideal candidates?

These implants are for if you:

  • Have missing teeth
  • Have adequate bone strength to secure the implants
  • Have good oral health
  • Don’t want to wear dentures
  • Seek to improve your way of speech
  • Don’t smoke tobacco

If a person’s bone height isn’t sufficient to hold an implant, bone grafting would be done prior to fixing implants.

Though the success of this procedure depends on dental health and the expertise of the physician performing the surgery, this procedure is known to have high success rates. They moreover look and feel entirely natural making it a more appealing choice.


  • Easier to eat: Dental treatment options usually come with a level of discomfort and there is always some problem with eating your favourite food. With implants, you get to gorge on your favourite foods just like with natural teeth. There is no noticeable difference with respect to teeth sensitivity too.
  • Implants are like a replacement of tooth root: When a tooth is lost, a void is created at the root. The majority of tooth replacement options focus more attention on crown. In case of implants, focus is shifted to roots and other sublevels.
  • Protect other healthy teeth: In the event of losing a tooth, dental bridge is usually suggested to replace the missing tooth. Many a times the neighbouring healthy teeth are scrapped so that a proper balance is maintained when fixing a dental bridge. With dental implants, the other teeth remain unharmed in the process.

If you are considering getting these implants, have a discussion with your dentist. He/she would make the initial assessments and then evaluate the options.

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Bioidentical Hormones Coming To the Rescue When Dealing With Menopause Symptoms

Hormone therapy aids in easing the symptoms of menopause in women including vaginal dryness, mood swings and hot flashes. It is known to improve bone strength and lower the risk of heart diseases. Studies in 2002 warned against the prolonged usage of these traditional hormone therapies citing the increased risk of blood clots, strokes, heart disease and breast cancer. Due to this warning, alternate methods were developed.

Bioidentical hormone therapy was introduced which use bioidentical hormones to deliver the desired effects. Bioidentical hormones have same molecular and chemical structure as the hormones produced by the body. These hormones are made from plant chemical extracts. These hormones behave just like natural hormones and a human body isn’t able to distinguish between these hormones and the ones produced by the ovaries.

Benefits of bioidentical hormones:

  • More energy
  • Better sex drive
  • Treats hot flashes
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces bloating
  • Better thinking

Who can benefit from bioidentical hormones?

Women going through perimenopausal phase may be apprehensive about trying this therapy because of the controversies surrounding it and instead try other hormonal therapies. Traditional hormonal therapies aren’t for everyone. For such women, bioidentical hormones are a better alternative.

Some clinical providers advise this therapy for those who are allergic to certain ingredients. Take for instance a woman is allergic to peanut oil which is present in FDA-approved oral product Prometrium. Before starting this therapy, lifestyle changes can be made. Some additional measures include taking vitamin supplements, more workouts, working towards reducing stress and eating a balanced diet.


Custom-compounded recipes are prepared by pharmacists to suit the needs of an individual patient. They are custom-made by testing the saliva to assess the unique hormonal needs of an individual. The resulting medication prepared isn’t approved by the FDA since these individually mixed compounds aren’t tested to prove if the ingredients are absorbed by the body appropriately and produces the desired effects. Also there is no substantial evidence that these medications are effective and safer than the one approved by the government.

Finding bioidentical hormones:

Bioidentical micronized progesterone and estrogen are available in a number of products that are approved by FDA which can be purchased using a prescription from a local drugstore. The commercially available ones come in different forms such as pills, patches and creams.

Work closely with your GP and discuss about your options. Talk to him/her about your concerns and you will able to see that bioidentical hormones work for you.

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Opt out the Best Store and Avail the Benefits of MMJ Cannabis

In these days, the usage of MMJ (Medical Marijuana) is becoming legal in many countries because of its health benefits. Medical marijuana is commonly referred to as Cannabis, which are mainly used as psychoactive drugs for recreational purposes.

The cannabis has the ability to treat specific health condition of the well-being. This medical marijuana is used in different ways based on the requirements of the users.

Cannabis oil is one such product of medical marijuana that can yield more benefits for the users. Go through this article to know about the health benefits of cannabis oil.

Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Give Relief from Stress and Anxiety

Due to lifestyle changes, people are running behind their career in order to sustain well. So, they get affected with more stress and anxiety, as there is no free time to relax. It’s much difficult to carry out routine life with stress.

In such a case, you can make use of the cannabis oil which has the greater ability to relieve stress and anxiety from you. You can feel better after the usage of cannabis oil than before.

Support the Chronic Pain Relief

Many people prefer cannabis oil for its powerful health benefit of providing pain relief. Cannabis oil can be used for chronic pain and unexpected pain in the body. Also, they are applied to reduce migraines and ongoing inflammation.

The specialty of cannabis oil is that it’s widely used by cancer patients for pain relief during the chemotherapy process. However, you must purchase the best cannabis oil to reap its complete benefits. Opt out the best cannabis oil from the MMJ Cannabis Mesa Menu and reap its complete benefits.

Can Increase the Appetite

Cannabis oil can be used as the best solution for increasing the appetite of an individual. If you’re struggling to eat properly due to some health issues, you can use cannabis oil. This oil provides support to stimulate the appetite by energizing the digestive system. This enables you to intake the food at regular interval.

Act as a Sleep Aid

Generally, some people suffer from lack of sleep and this leads to many health issues. Such kinds of people can take advantage of cannabis oil and enjoy the sleep. This is possible as cannabis keeps your body relaxed and slows down your thoughts, thus making you sleep better at night.

When you have a sufficient amount of sleep, you can maintain the overall health of your body. Hence, it’s most recommended for the insomniac people, as they can’t sleep well. This cannabis oil helps to tackle the physical and mental health issues.

Thus, these are the health benefits offered by Medical Marijuana cannabis oil to the people. If you’re looking for the quality product go through the MMJ Cannabis Mesa Menu from where you can purchase it at an affordable price. Make use of the Ideal Medical Marijuana Cannabis Oil Effectively and Obtain its Health Benefits!

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Are You Aware Thyroid Disease May Cause Infertility?

Thyroid disease and infertility affects one another condition. It is because lady getting thyrois issues can danger her fertility particularly if she still wants to conceive or maybe she’s pregnant. Thyroid disease may be the condition in which the thyroid isn’t functioning well. It may be either a hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a disorder that increase quantity of prolactin is created whereby this substance responds to the standard menstrual period of the lady and results in amenorrhea or perhaps permanent amenorrhea to patient struggling with severe hypothyroidism. This can be a condition where special care with medical assistance is essential.

Another condition brought on by thyroid disease is exactly what we call the hyperthyroidism. This problem causes the thyroid to create an excessive amount of hormones that is a condition to become known as Grave’s disease. It is because the body can establish antibodies which boost the thyroid cell function or what we should call the over- purpose of a thyroid problem. These conditions damage the girl infertility for they might are afflicted by amenorrhea, fetal thyrotoxicosis like low birth weight and mind size, fetal distress in work, and neonatal heart failure and respiratory system distress.

In statistics, it demonstrated that infertility problems because of thyroid disease may become more difficult. Around 2%-5% in females is affected with thyrois issues and ladies on their own reproductive age who’re affected includes 1%-2%. Women that are pregnant getting this problem should seek medical health insurance and attention immediately. Thyroid disease may cause reactions using the woman’s auto defense mechanisms. You ought to beware when they think to possess this problem tests and medical help ought to be done immediately. This really is to avoid the problem to worsen particularly if the lady is pregnant.

These conditions may cause serious effects to both mother and also the baby. The individual could are afflicted by different bad effects brought on by the problem. Excessive and full medical assistance ought to be done particularly with patients getting severed condition in order to save and safeguard the fetal and also the mother’s safety. It is because ongoing disorder from the thyroid may cause premature births, miscarriages and intrauterine growth retardation can happen once the disorder goes undiagnosed or untreated.

Fertility condition could be greatly affected when the woman’s condition isn’t taken cared correctly and immediately. So knowing and mindful with this particular condition is required. Looking for specialist there’s help highly suggested to resolve both Thyroid disease and infertility.

Annie Tong is really a mother of two and before, she’s experienced her personal journey to get pregnant coupled with spent several weeks researching the potential ways she could to assist her to enhance her fertility.She’s pleased to share her understanding to women everywhere so they can also conceive effectively!

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4 Types of Hemp CBD Oils You Should Know About

Differentiating between cannabis and hemp is daunting. There are many types of cannabis sativa and each and every one of them have varying amounts of THC and CBD. They have more than .3 percent content of THC that is referred to as marijuana. Hemp is a part of cannabis sativa that less than 0.3 THC. So, cannabis sativa and hemp belong to the same group. The only difference between the two is the content of THC.

This article focuses on the types of hemp CBD oils available.

  1. Hemp oils

Hemp oils are being extracted from a hemp plant stock that is mainly consistent with its CBD content. It has less than 0.3 THC. Go here today to buy some.

  1. Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oils are being extracted from the hemp seeds. These oils consist of little to zero THC or CBD content and it is rather extracted for its healthy fatty acid profile.

  1. CBD oil

In all the states where the cannabis is now legal, the hemp CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa and is made from the entire plant, entailing the flowering portion as well. Whereas in the states, where the cannabis is still illegal, the hemp CBD oil must always be extracted from the hemp. In other words, made from the stalks of the hemp plant.

  1. Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant that entails both CBD as well as the THC in differing concentrations. The most apparent con of the cannabis oil is that it cannot be bought from outside a state that has not being deemed legalized when it comes to sale of cannabis. The cannabis oil also entails higher concentrations and amounts of THC which is deemed problematic for those people who haven’t been seeking the psychoactive effects of the cannabis oil.

A list of hemp CBD oil extraction methods

  1. CO2 extraction: here the hemp is exposed to high pressure and low temperature carbon dioxide that isolates and saves the cannabinoids in oil.
  2. Ethanol extraction: it is safe and nontoxic in tiny amounts.
  3. Olive oil extraction: it is safe and cost effective. It also comes with benefits from getting rid of inflammation and boosting the immunity levels.
  4. Butane or hexane extraction: they are great in extraction, but some are left behind after the process which is harmful to your lungs.
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