4 Types of Hemp CBD Oils You Should Know About

Differentiating between cannabis and hemp is daunting. There are many types of cannabis sativa and each and every one of them have varying amounts of THC and CBD. They have more than .3 percent content of THC that is referred to as marijuana. Hemp is a part of cannabis sativa that less than 0.3 THC. So, cannabis sativa and hemp belong to the same group. The only difference between the two is the content of THC.

This article focuses on the types of hemp CBD oils available.

  1. Hemp oils

Hemp oils are being extracted from a hemp plant stock that is mainly consistent with its CBD content. It has less than 0.3 THC. Go here today to buy some.

  1. Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oils are being extracted from the hemp seeds. These oils consist of little to zero THC or CBD content and it is rather extracted for its healthy fatty acid profile.

  1. CBD oil

In all the states where the cannabis is now legal, the hemp CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa and is made from the entire plant, entailing the flowering portion as well. Whereas in the states, where the cannabis is still illegal, the hemp CBD oil must always be extracted from the hemp. In other words, made from the stalks of the hemp plant.

  1. Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant that entails both CBD as well as the THC in differing concentrations. The most apparent con of the cannabis oil is that it cannot be bought from outside a state that has not being deemed legalized when it comes to sale of cannabis. The cannabis oil also entails higher concentrations and amounts of THC which is deemed problematic for those people who haven’t been seeking the psychoactive effects of the cannabis oil.

A list of hemp CBD oil extraction methods

  1. CO2 extraction: here the hemp is exposed to high pressure and low temperature carbon dioxide that isolates and saves the cannabinoids in oil.
  2. Ethanol extraction: it is safe and nontoxic in tiny amounts.
  3. Olive oil extraction: it is safe and cost effective. It also comes with benefits from getting rid of inflammation and boosting the immunity levels.
  4. Butane or hexane extraction: they are great in extraction, but some are left behind after the process which is harmful to your lungs.