5 Simple Steps to Follow the Mediterranean Diet for Better Health

The world’s healthiest diet, the Mediterranean diet made easy the living and eating habits for millions of people. This diet is super-loaded with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, olive oil and much more. Here are 8 simple steps to follow the Mediterranean diet for your better health.

  1. Swap your usual oil with Olive Oil – If you have been cooking your meals with vegetable oil or coconut oil, the time calls for a change to swap it with extra-virgin olive oil. Olive oil is super-loaded in monounsaturated fatty acids which helps in improving the HDL cholesterol, which is a good type of cholesterol. HDL cholesterol helps in ejecting out the LDL cholesterol (which is a bad cholesterol) from the arteries. Also, use olive oil in salads, vinaigrettes and on finished meals like fish or chicken if you want to boost its flavor. You can also swap butter for olive oil in pasta, mashed potatoes and much more. 
  1. Focus on higher consumption of fish – The richest source of the Mediterranean diet is the fish. Prefer consumption of fatty fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel. These fish are super-loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are super healthy for both heart and brain. Even the thinner and leaner fish like cod or tilapia are good for your health, they are also a rich source of protein. If you do not add much fish in your diet, you can at least prefer to consume it one day each week as ‘fish’ night. Also try eating fish with your favorite foods like tacos, stir-frys, and soups. 

  1. Eat veggies as much as you can – Veggies are basic in nature. The more edibles you consume which high basic content in it, the better. If you do not have veggies in your diet, begin having one serving at snack-time, like crunching on cucumbers, or a handful of spinach in your smoothie. And have one serving at supper as taking them as easy side dishes. Have at least two servings of veggies in a day. If you can have more than that, good for you! Australian research notes claim that having at least three servings in a day can help you bust stress in no time. 
  1. Treat nuts as a side snack – Nuts are an amazing addition to your Mediterranean diet. Have a handful of almonds, cashews or pistachios for a satisfying side-snack on the go. Replacing processed foods with nuts help in bringing down calories in your body, hence helps in losing weight. It also contains fiber and minerals such as potassium which encourages in keeping your body healthy. 
  1. Dine with Wine – Sipping a little whine does no harm to your body, instead it is a part of the Mediterranean diet. Also the dieticians and researchers concluded that women should consume a three-ounce serving and men, a five-ounce serving per day. Also it is recommended to sip while you are having a meal.

Author Bio – Sheila May is a cook and nutritionist who has lived in Italy, Greece and Spain. She recommends the Mediterranean diet to promote healthy and smart eating habits.  Fresh produce tastes great too!