A Healthy Lifestyle Is the Key to Protect Your Digestive System

Living a healthy lifestyle can help you in preserving your overall health Your digestive system will be thankful for maintaining it so well by eating balanced diet and consuming healthy drinks on time. Reputed gastroenterologists like Dr Gurunath Reddy often suggest to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for boosting up the metabolism. With aging, the digestive system requires maintenance. Excessive rich and oily food cause trouble. You can experience bloating and gas as well as stomach pain after some time.

How to save money and stay healthier life?

  • Stop taking Coffee so often: Start your day with a self-made fresh mug of black coffee. Though, you can get a cup full of coffee in near about a dollar or few, still it’s not healthy to take cups of coffees 5-6 times a day. Better you can carry a travel mug and have healthy coffee and save few bucks daily.
  • Stop Taking Fast Foods & Daily Lunch Outside: It is not encouraged to take fried foods regularly. The roadside burgers and beef steaks are similar to poison for you if you have a habit of having those daily. Stop having foods of high carbohydrates. Rather taking these high fats and carbs, switch to protein foods substitutes.

Take grilled chicken, wheat breads, double toned milk, lots of farm fresh vegetables and fruits. Carry your lunch at office/school/college in hot boxes. You can also make sandwiches with fresh lettuce and baked chicken. Stop taking cheese and butter. Following these process, you can save the lunch money as well. It’s true that you also have to purchase these foods, still you can save more. This type of dietary plan will help you to protect colon as well.

  • Stop taking Red Meat:  Both beef and pork has high fat. It’s better to stop taking these steaks. As an alternate tale egg whites, fresh fish, chicken, and turkey. For a change you can go for sea foods once a week. You can save quite few bucks with this idea and can also be able to lose weight simultaneously.

  • Go For Nuts: Nuts can be a good alternative of snacks. Have a handful of baked nuts whenever you feel like to have some snacks.  This is a money saving option and besides, nuts are fibrous which is excellent to lose weight.
  • Healthy breakfast: Take Oats instead of scrambled eggs and bacons in breakfast. This is can cut your breakfast expenses and you can also be able to maintain a healthy diet.