Answering Top 5 Questions About Invisalign

In case you didn’t know, Invisalign is seen as a better alternative to conventional metal braces used in orthodontic care. Most people have their questions with regards to Invisalign, simply because the treatment is not available at every other clinic and not all dentists talk about it.

In this post, let’s answer five important questions about Invisalign.

  1. Is Invisalign a better alternative to metal braces?

Yes, and no. Invisalign is the ideal option for generic orthodontic care, and the treatment involves creating custom aligners, which are removable. As such, you can eat, chew, talk and brush better with these aligners removed, unlike braces that can be really hard to deal with. Eventually, the biggest advantage of Invisalign is the fact that these aligners are not visible, so you don’t have to be concerned about your braces hindering your beautiful smile.


On the flip side, Invisalign is not a great choice for extreme cases requiring orthodontic care. In some situations, dentists would still prefer metal braces.

  1. What are the limitations of Invisalign?

As we mentioned, Invisalign is not for everyone. That said, Invisalign is great for most cases, except for a few ones. Of course, the aligners are removable, which can be a disadvantage as people don’t wear their invisible braces as recommended by the dentists.

  1. Is Invisalign is a good choice for my case?

Every orthodontic case is different, and it requires at least a couple of sessions with an Invisalign expert to decide whether this is the right option for your case. Invisalign is great if you have mild bite problems, such as underbite or open bite, gapped teeth, or crowded teeth.

  1. Is Invisalign expensive?

While the cost of Invisalign is more than traditional braces, it is still one of the better options for orthodontic care. The average price tag for Invisalign is around $4000 and $8000 in NYC, but clinics do have offers from time to time, so check for that.


  1. Does my choice of clinic matter?

Yes. Always select a good clinic for Invisalign, where you can ask all the relevant questions related to the procedure, costs, risks and all other aspects. Even if you are getting a discount with the treatment, make sure that there are no compromises on the quality of care you receive. To sum up things, ALWAYS find a clinic that specializes in cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign in particular.

Find a good clinic now and discuss your “bite” and “smile” problems.