Best Treatments For Face Lifting

Our skin is constantly changing, because of that, it demands good care so it could stay tight and with minimum wrinkles. A good diet and good creams are giving good results, but as we age, it is a skinned natural process to start to be limp and wrinkly. Cosmetics industry achieved very good results with the treatments in this field, creating treatments that will lift your skin without surgery.

The best-known treatment is classical surgery facelift. If you want to have quite a tight face, this is a procedure for you. The recovery lasts long, there are some risks of side effects but results last long. Many people are searching for non-invasive procedures that are more affordable with good results. Some of those treatments are thread lift and ulthera facelift.

Thread Lift

This is a procedure where your skin can get a subtle lift. It functions in the way to stitch portions of the skin instead of removing parts of it. The surgeon is using temporary sutures to lift the skin and it does not end there. Threads are provoking the skins healing response, where a large amount of collagen is being produced in the parts where threads are.

A simple and effective way to lift and rejuvenate the face skin

This is so important because collagen is giving our skin volume and strength. When during this treatment collagen is being produced, it fixes skin laxity and prevents it to become worse. The procedure cost from 1500$ to 4500$, but if you are living in Australia check thread lift in Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or you can visit your local cosmetic clinic.

Ulthera facelift

This is one more face lifting treatment where the tool is ulthera device that is producing ultrasound energy. These waves are focusing on the parts of the skin where the skin and tissue underneath the skin are being affected. During this, proteins are being coagulates and new collagen is produced.

Ultrasound is one of the best alternative methods for the facelift

There is no downtime for this procedure, as the only sensation of heating is present. So after it, you can go back to your everyday activities. The focus for tightening parts are neck, chin, jaw line, brow and results are visible already after the first treatment. How this treatment looks like you can see at ulthera facelift in Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or you can visit local cosmetic clinic near you.

What is great about this procedure is that true results are after 2-3 months as the new collagen matures. Which means that your results will only get better. You should know that this treatment won’t give you results as with the surgical facelift, but it is a very required treatment as the alternative for surgery.


A beautiful face is something everyone desires as it is the picture of our personality. Finding a simple way to affect the rejuvenating process is always the best solution. Cosmetics industry knows precisely how our skin functions so it has created these amazing procedures to help you achieve your beauty goals.