Do You Have a Vision Problem That Needs Fixing?

Did you know that there are millions of people around the country who have a really common vision problem? It’s called astigmatism and it happens when the cornea of the eye is deformed. This has the effect of altering the rays of light that enter the eye. As these light rays are altered by the corneal deformity, they produce vision that is blurry to various degrees. The good news is that modern eye surgery has come a long way and can now address astigmatism promptly and without pain.

Why Should You Have Lasik Surgery Done?

Though many people walk around with astigmatism, it can also be frustrating to have to wear contact lenses or glasses to correct it. Until recently, there have been few really successful surgical solutions to this problem.

In Lasik surgery, a small corneal flap is lifted and then modified with a precise laser. This laser reshapes the corneal flap and once it is replaced, the reshaped lens of the eye results in much better vision. In fact, in many cases, perfect vision is achieved. San Antonio Lasik such as this means no more having to wear clunky glasses, no more going to the optometrist for an eye check for glasses, and no more losing small and delicate contact lenses on the floor.

The Advantages of Lasik

If you have astigmatism and you want to have Lasik done to improve your vision, you may be a little worried about having surgery performed on such a delicate and important area of your body. Here are some benefits of modern Lasik:

  • Little Pain: The good news for anyone who fears any type of surgery is that having Lasik done means either very little pain and discomfort or none at all. The cornea itself has no pain receptors so the reshaping of it with the precise laser equipment will not be painful.
  • Great Recovery: Recovering from other kinds of surgery can mean days or even months away from work. The great thing about Lasik is that recovery time is next to nothing. In fact, most people who have undergone the procedure walk out of the eye clinic the same day with corrected vision! This is fantastic news for anyone with fears about surgical recovery time and whether he or she needs to lose any employment income due to having time off.
  • Success Rate: Did you know that Lasik has one of the highest success rates of any surgery? Even where completely perfect vision is not achieved, the results are certainly far better than the effects of astigmatism. People who have undergone the procedure will likely need to go back for some checking and some may need to have further work done; however, in most cases, the results are permanent and excellent.

If you have lived your whole life with astigmatism and glasses or contact lenses, the good news is that Lasik represents a rapid and pain-free way of having your blurry sight corrected permanently.