Experience The Basics Of Rock Climbing At A Climbing Gym!

If you are an adventure seeker who would want to experience rock climbing at some point, it’s important that you get trained first. Rock climbing might seem like an easy task, but strength, stamina and balance are three core components for success. In fact, being in shape is not enough to attempt rock climbing. Many of us don’t have any access to mountains or mountaineering courses, so the best bet is a climbing gym. There are some amazing gyms that offer training for rock climbing Montreal, and yes, you will learn everything from scratch.

Here’s what you can experience at a climbing gym.

Find the right climbing gym

There are many climbing gyms out there these days, but not all are the same, so some initial research is always handy. If you want to just experience climbing and bouldering, finding a climbing gym that offers a day-pass or has a learning course. Small courses don’t exactly train people for the actual thing, but you will attempt bouldering and how it all feels like. Select a climbing gym that you can rely on and has the required infrastructure and a trusted team of instructors.

The actual one-day course

Typically, rock climbing is considered to be a safe activity for most people, including kids over the age of 14-15. You will need a pair of good shoes and make sure that you are wearing comfortable pair of climbing or running shoes. After the initial warming up, you will learn about the types of holds, types of grips, footwork, ways to position your hips, movements, ways to fall, how to read routes, and how to approach angled walls. Your instructor will also talk a bit about grading, and after all of that theory, you would be heading for an actual climbing session. Such sessions usually last for about two hours of less. We are talking of the introduction course here, and typically, climbing gyms have an exploration course, where you will practice all of these.

Be patient

Rock climbing and bouldering are activities that must be learned over a period of time, so don’t rush the process. It is also a good idea to consider your fitness level, because you need to be in shape and must have control on your body to make the most of such courses. With climbing gyms, it’s easier to attempt such activities, so take a good shot!