Factors that Help in Cost estimation for Hair Transplantation

In this modern era, hair loss problem is a major considering aspect in the view of the treatment, solution, and the therapeutic measure. The hair loss problem affects both men and women in the same ratio as the genetic factor can be transferred from either parent. It is a basic fact that the treatment available in the market for hair loss that includes the therapy like PRP or medications has temporary effect as it just controls the hair loss rather than the solution to stop the hair loss. The only solution that gives the permanent hair back is the hair transplant that makes the possibility of the hair root regeneration from the area where it is lost. The hair transplant procedure is the main concerning aspect of the cosmetic surgery that weighs a pricey cost; however, it is important to know about the hair transplant cost before taking the procedure as a final option.

Here we are describing the factor that directly affects the cost of the hair transplant procedure is as follows:

  1. The expertise of the Surgeon: The surgeon’s expertise directly influence the cost of the procedure as the success of the surgery is based on the surgeon’s artistic skills and knowledge about giving the best cosmetically accepted outcomes. The hairline should create in such a fashion that the patient gets their natural look according to their facial profile and expectation. The Surgeon’s skills can be seen through their style of making the hairline and creating the slit position in order to implant the graft aesthetically.
  2. The number of Grafts/follicular unit: The graft is rated in the hair restoration surgery as it is what that is needed to be implanted into the recipient balding zone of the scalp. Per graft cost applicable in India usually ranges from Rs. 20-130 INR/. India is considered to be the most cost-worthy selection of the hair transplant procedure. As much as the area is bald, the graft need would be increased and the cost is estimated accordingly.
  3. The Available Grade of baldness: As much as the area is bald as the need for graft/follicular units would be increased and so the cost of the procedure increases. So, it is important to go through the primary consultation with your surgeon to assess the scalp condition and the state of hair loss in terms of Norwood grade and the cost would be estimated accordingly helps in planning the procedure.
  4. The practiced technique of the Hair Transplant Procedure: There are two techniques of the hair transplant procedure, i.e., the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The FUT hair transplant is a budget-cost option as it is the traditional method to put the cost, yet offers a very good number of grafts with the dual advantage of the permanent outcome as the roots are only harvested from the safe donor area of the scalp that is resistant to the effect of DHT-sensitivity. On the other hand, the FUE hair transplant weighs a pricey estimation because of the involvement of the modern robotic technology, but the success of the procedure only possible if the performing surgeon is well-versed and expertise in deciding every aspect of the procedure related to the aesthetic outcome of the procedure.


On the whole, it has been clear that it is mandatory to go through the initial assessment done by the hair transplant surgeon in order to analyze the procedure possibility with respect to surgical goal and the cost as well.