French Manicure Origin and Why This Style Is Appealing Even Today

French manicure reminds you of teenage girls with nails having chunky tips and painted with thick pink base. Some find it elegant, while there are a few who say it is outdated. One thing everyone will agree is that it is sad when executed sloppily.

French manicure means do it RIGHT or if you cannot AVOID doing it. Imagine thick and pasty tips having smudgy edges will never make a stylish statement. At spa Sherbrooke French manicure has become the most in-demand nail designs.

What really is French manicure and why is this style so appealing?

French manicure designs avoid vibrant polish for neutral or clear coat painted precisely with white tips. This style is appealing because of several reasons.

  • It is simple and complements any kind of outfit ranging from designer cocktail dress to jeans.
  • It is ideal for girls, who wish to subtly enhance their natural features using cosmetics.
  • Her nail base is improved with shinier nude pink and nail tips get brightened creating lovelier form of natural nails.

Origin of French mani style

The origin of French manicure style is still unclear. Few believe that it started in the 19th century at a French salon. Others argue that it did not get discovered until 1930s. Max Factor used same design to counterbalance overly moisturized hands of Parisian Noblesse. Current popularity is because of Jeff Pink, creator of Orly Nailcare. TV and movie directors were looking for universal nail style, which could adapt multiple wardrobe changes. They approached Jeff, who carried it to Paris fashion show. It became a huge hit, so the style was rebranded and trademarked it as ‘Original French Manicure’ in 1978.

How to obtain the precise line?

With steady hand, horizontally hold the nail-polish brush. Place it at one corner of nail-tip. Slowly rotate the finger but make sure the brush does not move. The white polish gets deposited across nail top. It needs some practice. However, it is best to get manicure done at the salon, so you get a good hand massage as well rather than feel sad at poor execution.

Some modern ideas for French manicure

  • If you don’t wish to use the iconic white then choose more vibrant color for the tips like neon.
  • You can even underline white tips with dark nude stripe, so as to add subtle dimension.
  • To keep the entire look sophisticated start with long almond or oval shape, rather than square.

Visit online to check some modern French manicure ideas!