How Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Be Beneficial?

Men or women are at the mercy of hormones the moment they hit puberty. Ups and down in mental and physical health are associated with hormones. Some people are recommended hormone replacement therapy to help them regain balance.

The latest in treating hormonal imbalance is bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy {BHRT}. Last many years it has gained good popularity and is even described as natural hormone therapy. Medication used have chemically identical structure, which is produced in human body.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is used to relieve symptoms related to decline or imbalance of hormones due to ageing. Specific hormones are used to improve those deficit hormonal levels. After a thorough lab test, the doctor can diagnose the low level and determine the kind of hormone to be used for treatment.

Commonly used hormones for women

  • Testosterone [sometimes]
  • Estriol
  • Cortisol
  • DHEA
  • Progesterone

As women start their menopause journey, body starts producing less of the above hormones. Doctors prescribe bioidentical hormone therapy, if the levels are discovered to be low in males and females. Besides you can gain multiple benefits from BHRT treatment.

Balanced mood

Fluctuation of hormones can trigger mood swings because hormones hinder with your brain chemistry and blood sugar. Low testosterone level in men causes fatigue and irritability. Hormonal balance can help to decrease anxiety, concern and anger.

Enhanced sleep patterns

Brian signals are disturbed because of hormone imbalance, which can impede sleep pattern. Low progesterone level is the culprit of sleep issues.

Improved sex drive

Low testosterone level can plummet your desire to engage in libido. BHRT helps to restore the normal hormone level and thus enhances your sex drive.

Decrease in hot flashes

Low estrogen level fluctuates, which causes changes in nervous systems and blood vessels leading to common menopausal symptom of night sweats and hot flashes.

Shrinkage in muscle mass

It is noticed that as you grow old muscle mass declines, which is partially due to reduction in hormone levels. Use of testosterone medication can have potent effect in regaining and maintaining muscle mass.

Enhanced vaginal lubrication

To keep vaginal tissue healthy estrogen is crucial. Low level of estrogen can trigger vaginal dryness. It can be treated by supplementing the right kind of hormones.

Thinning of hair

Decrease in testosterone level can cause hair thinning on the head and even decrease in hair amount across your body.

Other mental benefits are better focus, enhanced memory, and increased energy. The issues during menopause is emotional instability. BHRT can help in reclaiming positive perspective allowing to calm raging emotions and help you feel rejuvenated.