How Good Is Elicit Herbal Chew As A Chewing Tobacco Alternative?

Despite all the warnings, people continue to use tobacco in one form or the other. Brands have promoted chewing and smokeless tobacco products as a better choice to cigarettes, as these don’t cause lung cancer, but the other health concerns remain valid, including oral cancer. Quitting tobacco can be hard, which is why we have so many products that promise to wean off the user from their regular tobacco source. Elicit Herbal Chew is one such product that has been promoted as a chewing tobacco alternative. Does it deliver? Here’s a review to help you understand better.

What’s Elicit Herbal Chew?

Elicit Herbal Chew is designed as a chewing tobacco alternative, but it isn’t same as many of the similar products in the market, because it contains nicotine in a mix of herbs. Basically, this is a natural product, but it doesn’t strive to make you dependent on nicotine. The product, as the manufacturers claim, doesn’t imitate the taste of tobacco, but focus on the experience. Elicit Herbal Chew is available in four flavors – Wintergreen, Mint, Cinnamon, and Chili-Lime and 3 nicotine strengths, with different users in mind.

Will it help in quitting chewing tobacco?

As mentioned, Elicit Herbal Chew is available in three different nicotine strengths, and the idea is to wean off the user from nicotine with time. Per can of this herbal chew contains 200mg of nicotine, which is less than 250mg of nicotine that’s found in a can of chewing tobacco. Even when you are selecting the full-strength variant, you are already reducing nicotine dose per day. Once you feel comfortable, you can move to the half-strength variant, which contains 100mg per can, and eventually, you can get to zero-strength Elicit Herbal Chew that doesn’t contain any nicotine at all. The company says that this is a chew only, which means that it is not meant for ingestion.

Final word

Elicit Herbal Chew is certainly one of the better products in the market for those trying to quit dependency on smokeless tobacco products. While it still contains nicotine, the manufacturers have the necessary products that will ensure that people can reduce their dosage overtime. You need to be 21 years of age to use this product, and as with any product that contains nicotine, please talk to your doctor first. Being a natural product and with four flavors, Elicit Herbal Chew does tick the right boxes.