How Massage Therapy in Norwell can Benefit People with Chronic Back Pain

Lower back pain makes life difficult for the sufferers. It can disrupt their daily activities. In fact, it is one of the main causes of job disability in the world. That is why sufferers will want to try out any solutions they can find. Fortunately, there is hope in getting the much-needed relief through massage therapy.

An increasing number of studies in Norwell show that massage therapy can help in reducing inflammation and relieving chronic back pain. Both structural and relaxation massage techniques offer healing benefits. Although anyone wants to get a regular massage, people with chronic back pain can enjoy the following benefits of massage therapy that a pain and injury clinic Norwell offers.

Stimulate Blood Circulation

As blood flow in the body increases, the muscles can easily recover, possibly reducing pain. Fortunately, massage therapy can help increase blood flow and minimize soreness. Also, researchers reveal that people who have a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from an improved vascular function when they get a massage.

Moreover, stimulated blood circulation improves the body’s oxygen and nutrient supply that the tissues need. Also, this supply is essential for the lymphatic system which flushes away waste products. Massage therapy is believed to ease tense and knotted muscles, improving flexibility and movement.

Reduce Muscle Tensions

Although the body needs muscle tension to maintain body posture and general movements, when there is too much of this tension, the body experiences ain and muscle restriction, particularly in the neck and lower back. With massage therapy, muscle tension will be reduced.

Increase the Production of Endorphins

Endorphins are the brain’s “feel good” chemicals. Massage techniques that include acupressure and trigger point therapy can generate the product of these chemicals, decreasing pain and delivering a sense of euphoria.

Massage therapy can also be done along with stretching and medical treatment for chronic back pain. But, it is also important for sufferers to make some lifestyle changes. For instance, if their job requires them to sit all day, they must take frequent breaks and stretch their body. Also, it can be helpful for them to do stretching exercises.

People in Norwell who suffer chronic back pain and want to get a massage for their condition should be open with their therapist on their problem spots and the possible causes of their back pain. Transparency is necessary to treat the pain because this allows the therapist can target pressure points and tension areas.