How Trichology can help you to prevent Hair Loss: SMP

Investigations have shown that more than 80 per cent of males and nearly half of females go through effective hair loss in their lifetime. Therefore, there is a massive market for hair repair experts around the globe. From hair transplant surgeons or SMP experts to trichologists who examine scalp fitness, there is a gap between skilled and qualified professionals in this area. At Scalp Allure they offer hair transplant or SMP or Scalp MIcropigmentation training courses and trichology methods to help medical professionals gain understanding and skill in these fields.

While a hair transplant surgeon delivers a resolution after hair loss has happened, trichologists can help in stopping hair loss before it reaches a progressive stage.

Let us understand What is Trichology?

The term ‘Trichology’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Trikhos’ which suggests hair. Therefore, trichology represents the analysis of scalp and hair. The purpose of exploring this field of medical science is to recognise and minister diseases that involve the scalp and induces hair loss. When you see a trichologist, they will determine the situation and choose the right medicine to prevent hair fall.

When you are speaking about a trichologist, you’re speaking about a person who is a specialist in the treatment of scalp and hair problems. They strive at stimulating hair development by setting the concerned person’s medical record, genes, lifestyle, and background. They also review whether the individual has extreme anxiety levels or nutritional imbalances. Once they have this data, they suggest therapy plans and lifestyle modifications rejuvenate hair development and improve scalp fitness.

Once you see a trichologist, your scalp will be studied via microscopic analysis to determine the hair loss condition. These experts are aware of all the medicines that can correct hair growth. In hair transplant training, surgeons are advised to perform closely with trichologists to assist estimate the number of hair grafts required during the process.

SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation is different from Hair Transplant.

When Should You See a Trichologist?

It goes without stating that hair loss is a prudent matter that bothers both males and females. However, seeing these hair professionals can assist fix the condition through various restorative processes.

1- Hair thinning

One of the foremost signs that make everyone aware of hair problems is thinning of hair. It affects the visual impression of the lead as the scalp starts evolving visible which indicates the start of baldness. Hair thinning is a significant problem that happens both in males and females at any age.

2- Prickly and flaking scalp

If you are seeing extreme dandruff, red spots, and fury on the scalp, you must see a trichologist. It’s a situation that shows dehydration of the scalp that can improve the pace of hair fall to a significant extent. Conferring a hair specialist such as Scalp Allure can assist get the situation under control.

3-Hair fall

If you are encountering weird hair fall, the wise thing to accomplish would be to confer with a professional before it’s too late.