Laser Technology in Aesthetics

Advancements in laser technology have enabled the plastic surgery industry to provide aesthetic procedures which are safer, more efficient, and far less painful than traditional plastic surgery methods. What exactly is it about lasers which have enabled plastic surgery to advance to date in this small amount of time, where’s the headed, and just how will the technology squeeze into this mixture?

Lasers – we have all heard the term and realize that a laser is a kind of light, but exactly how is light capable of being changed into a surgical instrument? The term “laser” is really a phrase, which means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Why is laser light not the same as other light, for example from the bulb or fire, is direction. Light is definitely an electro-magnetic wave, which generally expands to fill every unobstructed direction, much like waves around the sea. The power of laser light, however, is intensely concentrated and focused in one direction. The power of light energy is really effective the beam can be used as making incisions. The main focus from the light could be pinpointed so precisely that laser is the perfect tool for a lot of cosmetic procedures.

Due to the rapid advancement in laser technology, buying laser systems for aesthetic procedures is comparable to purchasing a new computer. It does not matter regardless of whether you purchase the newest, fastest, shiniest model today – tomorrow the brand new, ultra-shiny, amazingly fast model will roll from the set up line and yours is going to be considered old news.

SmartLipo, for instance, uses YAG laser technology to interrupt up fats underneath the skin. Because the laser dissolves body fat, additionally, it heals the bloodstream vessels in the region to make sure less bleeding, swelling and bruising in patients. Now, a more recent type of laser continues to be released to help physicians using the SmartLipo procedure. Known as MPX, the newer generation of SmartLipo features a much more effective laser. Unlike some misleading marketing, however, the brand new generation laser doesn’t allow removing anymore fat from one area compared to elderly laser – you may still find other safety factors that prevent an excessive amount of from being removed from one area.

Chances are that future rapid advancement in laser technology continuously change up the aesthetic surgery arena. Equipment manufacturers are benefiting from the elevated recognition of aesthetic procedures by searching for brand new markets to sell their costly instrumentation. Physicians without experience of plastic surgery who’re searching for methods to improve the profitability of the practice are frequently enticed to purchase one of these simple condition-of-the-art lasers.

However, with plastic surgery, just like computers, the gear used is only one part of the procedure. The lasers on their own don’t determine success anymore than your brand-new computer enables you to a programming genius they’re just the various tools which, at the disposal of skilled surgeons, can reshape the body and provide you with the smoother, more beautiful you. Then when picking out a surgeon to do your aesthetic procedure, the first concern shouldn’t be which generation of technology is being used, but whose hands are in charge of your transformation. Take great care for making sure you’re in capable, competent, reliable hands!

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