Myths and facts about teeth whitening

Everybody wants to have white and sparkling teeth. There are lot things you want to do for teeth whitening. But are sure what you do is right for your dental health. Cosmetic dentistry Toronto brings you some myths and facts about teeth whitening.

Myth Fact
You can whiten your teeth using baking soda. You should not use baking soda to whiten your teeth. Baking soda destroys the good bacteria of the mouth and increases the bad bacteria inside it.
You can whiten your teeth using Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). This is not right as using Hydrogen Peroxide will form free radicals that damage living tissues.
You can use substances like whitening toothpaste whitening gum for teeth whitening. Though substances like whitening toothpaste and whitening gum have whitening substances and claim for teeth whitening, these substances are weak and produce effect only after in contact with teeth for at least 20 minutes.
All kinds of whitening gel whether professional or made at home are equally effective. Every whitening gel has a different level of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide so their affectivity is also different. Professional whitening gel tends to be more effective and stronger than homemade gels.
The strongest whitening gel is the best. Strong whitening gels may show effective quickly but the effect can last for a very short time. Slow whitening gel may last longer and can have lesser side effects like pain and sensitivity.
The effect of whitening gel will last forever. The color change caused by whitening gels is permanent but due to aging yellowing again appears on the teeth so touch-ups and maintenance are required.
Use strawberries and lemons to whiten your teeth. Acidic fruits like strawberries and lemon can be used to whitening teeth but the acid present in them can permanently damage the teeth enamel.
Ultra Violet Rays are used to whiten the teeth. There is no proof that UV rays can speed up or improvises the teeth process. In fact, UV rays can damage your skin and body organs.
Whitening gels work on crowns and veneers. Whitening gels work only on the natural teeth and doesn’t work on artificial teeth, crowns and veneers. You need to replace the crowns if they become yellowish.
Whitening teeth process is safe for children and the elderly too. Whitening teeth can damage the live tissues so, it has to be used with caution in children and elderly patients.
There are no side effects of whitening teeth. Generally, whitening teeth are safe. You can have minor sensitivity issues like pain and swelling which can be controlled by anti-inflammatory drugs.
Teeth whitening don’t require maintenance. You require touch-ups to maintain the color of teeth after using whitening teeth agents.
Teeth whitening can cause oral cancer. Though free radicals are produced after using whitening agents they have immediately washed away as soon as you rinse the mouth. Generally, tooth whitening agents don’t cause oral cancers.

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