Problems to be aware of when choosing medical insurance

Health insurance is very important in the US. Many schools require F-1 students to buy health insurance (also known as 留学生 保险). You are also recommended to buy health insurance after graduation, such as opt insurance (also knowns as opt保险). Some employers provide health insurance with employees. Remember to ask for your employer about health insurance before accepting an offer. The most common and traditional way to convert a student visa to a work visa is to apply for an H-1B visa. Since the H-1B visa application (also known as h1b 申请) and the H-1B lottery procedure (also known as h1b 抽签) are very complicated, you should always consider hiring an immigration lawyer (also known as 纽约移民律师) when you apply for an H-1B visa. In this article, we will list four main problems that should be aware of when choosing a medical insurance.

  1. The scope of claims for insurance. The scope of Medicare claims will increase as the amount of insurance coverage increases. In general, the $100-$200/monthly plan will be more comprehensive.
  1. Covered medical institutions. Students sometimes need to go to an off-campus hospital. Please understand the insurance coverage of the medical institution before purchasing insurance. Because the emergency department will be based on the principle of nearest treatment, if the hospital does not belong to the covered medical institution, it may pay a lot of medical expenses.
  1. Is there a time or geographical limitation? Some medical insurance does not accept claims for winter and summer vacations and outside the United States. One of my friends reminds that students can purchase a non-compulsory off-campus accident insurance in addition to the school-stipulated insurance, providing basic security for personal travel or outings. In addition, many medical insurances in the United States do not cover Dental Care and Maternity Care. If you think you need it, please purchase specialized dental insurance. For some medical services, many insurance plans stipulate certain payment limits, such as restrictions on hospital fees, doctors, surgery fees, anesthesia fees, and psychotherapy fees.
  1. Can insurance follow people? Transferring to school in the United States is very common. What students need to know is that if you plan to transfer to school, you can cancel the medical insurance you purchased before, or you can follow the transfer to the school you are going to.