Replacing the Tooth you Lost with a Dental Implant

Did you lose a tooth and want to replace it with a natural-looking alternative? If, a dental implant is the right solution for you. This implant is a prosthetic tooth root and anchored into the jaw and connected to the crown in order to replace the tooth you lost. A single tooth dental implant is beneficial in many ways such as:

It Replaces the Function and Look of the Tooth you Lost

A dental implant is a replacement to a missing tooth that looks exactly like it. The placement of the implant includes the installation of a small titanium screw into the jawbone. This screw replaces the missing root and fuses with the jawbone so it can become a part of the mouth. Once the implant is healed, a crown is attached to the implant’s end to replace the missing tooth’s look and function. With the implant, you can chew, talk, and smile like normal and no one will notice you are wearing it. Visit for implant options.

The Implant Lasts for a Long Time

Unlike other tooth replacement solutions, dental implants let you use your mouth normally with ease. You may not even remember you lost a tooth since the implant tends to feel and look natural. Being permanent, the implant provides you with the freedom to enjoy your life without second-guessing. It is always possible to eat your favorite meal, brush and floss your teeth as well as chew gums.

It is an Affordable Treatment

A single tooth implant is an affordable treatment because it only has to repair a tooth location. Thus, the procedure can be carried out in as little as one day. You can reduce your out-of-pocket costs by filing an insurance claim if your policy covers the procedure.

Dental implants can be a great opportunity for anyone who does not have a full smile. People of any age who are missing a tooth or require a tooth extraction can choose these implants as a great replacement to their natural tooth. Through a carefully orchestrated procedure, the implant is designed to offer patients with a full smile again and help them maintain a good dental health for a long time.

Although placing the dental implants can be easy and does not require complicated steps, only the experts should do it. That is why make sure you look for a certified prosthodontist who specializes in full mouth reconstruction. Also, make sure the dentist has been doing this for many years.