Six Important Health Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries are healthy food options because of their nutritional value. But, did you know that studies have shown freezing this food increases their nutritional content? Those studies claim that they are equally nutritious as their fresh counterparts even if they have been frozen for six months. Scientists say that freezing increased the berry’s anthocyanin concentration, a group of antioxidant compounds which offers protection to the different systems in the body. Below are the reasons to consume blueberries every day:

Maintain Healthy Bones

Blueberries have iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin K, zinc, and calcium. These are necessary to maintain a good bone health. Taking adequate amounts of these vitamins and minerals contribute to building and maintaining the structure and strength of the bones in the body. A great frozen blueberries supplier can offer blueberries packed with all these nutrients.

Lowering Blood Pressure

To maintain a healthy blood pressure level, it is important to reduce sodium intake. Fortunately, blueberries don’t have sodium. Taking the blueberries lets people benefit from the minerals the fruit contains which are believed to reduce blood pressure.

Improving Skin Health

The skin’s support system is called the collagen. This system depends on vitamin C as an important nutrient. Collagen prevents the skin from any damage caused by smoke, pollution, and the sun. Vitamin C improves the ability of collagen to smooth out wrinkles and improve the skin’s overall texture.

Improving Memory and Motor Function

A study discovered that older people who consume blueberries every day for twelve weeks have better cognitive and motor functions. Also, blueberries are known to minimize the risk of cognitive damage.

Promoting Healthy Digestion and Weight Loss

Blueberries are found to help in preventing constipation and maintaining regularity to ensure the health of the digestive tract. This has to do with their fiber content. People who are looking to lose weight can benefit from the fruit’s fiber content. Dietary fiber is found to be a significant factor in weight loss and management as it serves as the digestive system’s bulking agent. High fiber foods like blueberries can increase satiety and decrease appetite.

Preventing Cancer

Vitamins A and C and the different phytonutrients contained in blueberries serve as powerful antioxidants which are likely to help prevent cell damage. Studies reveal that antioxidants may inhibit the growth of tumors, reduce body inflammation, and help in warding off cancers in the colon, lungs, prostate, and other vital organs in the body.