Top 5 Massage Etiquettes Every Spa Goer Must Know

Spas are a great place to relax and forget about the kind of exhausting days you had. You can enjoy a little pampering and moreover just rest while you are there. However, there are a few spa and massage manners which every client is expected to follow.

If you are a first time spa goer, don’t worry, there is nothing too difficult about it. In fact, the thing is, if you don’t follow proper etiquettes while having a massage, it might just make things a little confusing for you. So, whether you are going to a spa in a different city or just spas near you, here are top 5 massage etiquettes which you must know and follow…

Top 5 massage etiquettes:

  1. Appropriate clothing for massage:

Usually, any massage therapist will ask you to change and be comfortable. However, how much clothing you remove depends on your personal comfort. Mostly, individuals prefer keeping their underwear on during a massage. Nevertheless, many even prefer being nude. Women usually remove their bras to make sure that the therapist work comfortably on their backs. Besides, they don’t want to stain their bras with the massage oils or lotions. Also, how much clothing you remove depends on the type of massage you are having. For instance, if you are going for a massage like Shiatsu or Thai, you can remain fully clothed.

  1. Talking to the massage therapist:

It is not necessary to make a conversation with the therapist if you don’t want to. However, make sure to talk to the therapist in case:

  • You are feeling too hot or cold
  • You are feeling severe pain
  • You forgot to mention about a medical condition
  • You have questions about the therapy
  1. Using the bathroom:

Using the bathroom before the massage is pretty normal. However, if you feel like urinating during the massage, it is recommended that you let your therapist know about it. Controlling urine for a longer time will keep you disturbed and you might not enjoy the massage at all. Don’t worry about dressing up again, as the therapist will give you a robe to change into.

  1. Sleeping and Snoring during massage:

We are usually exhausted when we go for a massage, and so it is very normal to fall asleep. Any professional and experienced therapist will understand this, and thus no need to feel embarrassed about the same.

  1. Tipping a message therapist:

Tip is never a necessity, but if you were extremely pleased with the services you can go ahead and tip the therapist. Usually, giving a 20% tip is considered standard at any Spa.

So, there you go. You are all set to go for the massage now. Enjoy!!!