What are the Famous Cannabis Strains Named after the Famous Places?

If traveling was free, you’d never anyone. But, factors like money and work always hold us back. Nonetheless, there are many ways to explore the world without packing your packs or booking your tickets to any place. This is because many marijuana strains in the market are named after many famous places around the world. The names have been originated from all kinds of muses like from movies and gangsters. So, explore the most famous marijuana strains named after the famous places in the world. And the best part is, you won’t have to be there physically to experience it all.

  1. Paris

This renowned romantic haunt has won a plethora of hearts for many, many years. Amid its superb architecture, rich history, sidewalk cafes, surreal alleyways, and glittering lights, Paris never ceases to amaze people. There is a famous marijuana strain named after this city which is known as the Paris OG as it gives a calming and luxurious effect. This bulky, Indica dominant strain is ideal for night time uses, according to Applewood Recreational Dispensary. Paris OG gives away a sleepy, relaxing, and a tad bit euphoric and is perfect for those who are sleep deprived. They are available in lemon with subtle woody undertones. The composition of the strain is as follows:

  1. THC: 18.08 percent
  2. CBD 0.05 percent
  3. Indica
  1. Netherlands

Planning a trip to Holland in mind, try this jovial and energetic Dutch treat. This elevating and creative strain bears the unforgettable flavors of lime, pine, and eucalyptus. Try a few hits of this amazing treat and experience a cerebral high and then embrace the strong and full body sensation and feel. The composition of this strain is as follows:

  1. THC 20.95 percent
  2. Hybrid

  1. Thailand

Thailand, a famous Southeast Asian haunt is famous for its beautiful rock formations that arise out of its crystal blue waters and the white beaches tend to stretch away for miles and miles. There is a strain named after this place known as Thai that takes you for an adventure of a lifetime and you don’t even have to leave your couch for that! The Thai strains uplift you with a soothing euphoria. It comes in earthy flavors. The composition for this strain is as follows:

  1. THC 74.24 percent
  2. CBD 0.18 percent
  3. Sativa