What Can Cause an Achilles Spur?

Achilles spurs are a type of bony growth that is located at the underside of your heel. If you have developed these spurs, then you likely know how problematic they can be. These spurs on your heel can lead to terrible pain and it can even make it difficult to walk. The pain is often very sharp, but it may turn into a dull ache throughout the day as well.

What causes people to develop these spurs on their heels, though? Why do some people wind up having problems with their heels while others do not? There are actually many different factors to consider. Take a look at some of the potential causes of Achilles spurs below.

Improper Gait

Simply walking with an improper gait could be a contributor to developing Achilles spurs. If you have an unusual gait, then this could wind up being the cause of your woes. An incorrect gait might be able to be corrected by wearing special orthotic inserts. Some causes of an incorrect gait will be physical in nature and will require therapy, though.

Weight Issues

Weight issues are another common cause of Achilles spurs. If you are overweight, then you’re going to be putting more stress on your feet. This can actually lead to many foot problems besides the spurs. Losing weight can help to alleviate your symptoms substantially.

Getting on a diet plan and attempting to lose weight might help out a lot. Consult with your physician about the best path forward. It might be difficult to exercise when you’re dealing with Achilles spurs. Even so, dietary changes can facilitate weight loss.


Some people simply develop heel spurs as they get older. This could wind up being a natural problem that will rear its head eventually. It’s simply important to consult with your doctor about any issues that you’re experiencing. They can help you to come up with a proper treatment plan.

Poorly Fitted Shoes

Poorly fitted shoes can lead to Achilles spurs as well. Even badly worn shoes could be a potential cause of this problem. If you’re wearing shoes that aren’t the right size, then you need to make some changes. A better pair of shoes might help to prevent further complications.

Running or Standing on Hard Surfaces

Running or standing on hard surfaces can potentially cause people to develop Achilles spurs as well. This can wind up becoming a problem when someone has a job that requires them to stand on a hard floor for many hours at a time. You might need to cushion your shoes to try to help things.

Consult with Your Doctor About Achilles Spurs Issues

Be sure to consult with your doctor about Achilles spurs-related issues. If you’re dealing with the pain of having these spurs in your heels, then you need to get professional help. It is possible to get treated and you will be able to feel better over time. Knowing the causes should help you to know how you can avoid making things worse, but it’s crucial to speak with your doctor about all medical issues.