What Is Patchouli Oil? How To Use This Oil For Instant Health Benefits?

Patchouli essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the renowned Patchouli plant, a fragrant herb. The oil is extracted from dried or young leaves or even the shoots of the Patchouli plant. 

The Patchouli essential oil was believed to have derived its name from the Hindi word- “Pacholi”, meaning fragrance. This was due to the powerful citrusy fragrance of this oil. This oil is obtained from the leaves and flowers of the famous Pogostemon Cablin and is usually found in areas of Southeast Asia. 

The plant from which this essential oil is derived is related to some other famous perfumed plants like Lavender, Mint and Sage. This essential oil is concocted through the steam distillation process, either making use of Carbon Dioxide or steam. Also, as this oil starts aging, its colour begins to darken into a tint of Amber. This causes the fragrance to become more intense and pleasant. 

The Patchouli essential oil is filled with the goodness of Norpatchoulenol, Patchoulol, α-Patchoulene, β-Patchoulene, α-Bulnesene, α-Guaiene, Seychellene, Caryophyllene, and Pogostol. This enriches the oil with therapeutic advantages, which provides it with a soothing, balanced and calming texture. This oil is also known to be full of anti-inflammatory, insecticidal, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent, antiseptic, aphrodisiac and pain-relieving qualities. 

How To Use Patchouli Essential Oil On Your Skin?

One must follow certain dilution guidelines of essential oils before implementing them on your skin. Research by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy has proven that one should use essential oil blends which contain not more than 5 percent of essential oil. 

If you are willing to topically apply this essential oil to your skin, make sure to dilute it using a proper carrier oil. There is a wide variety of carrier oils available, so you can choose one that is most appropriate for you. In order to make the best use of Patchouli essential oil, you can add a few drops of it to your moisturizer and apply it daily for the best results. This will allow you to instantly reduce wrinkles, blemishes or any major skin problems. 

If you are worried that you are likely to develop an allergic reaction to this essential oil, we advise you to always conduct a patch test beforehand. In order to conduct a patch test, first, mix the essential oil and the carrier oil in proper proportions. Take an absorbent pad, apply the prepared blended oil solution, and place it on the inside of your forearm. Keep the bandage on for about 48 hours and remove it to check whether any reactions have taken place. 

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How To Use Patchouli Essential Oil For Aromatherapy?

If you wish to know what does Patchouli help with, one of the most basic answers is Aromatherapy. You can use it for Aromatherapy through a diffuser or steam inhalation. But before doing so, it is absolutely crucial to dilute the essential oil appropriately. 

When you are inhaling the Patchouli oil, do it in a properly ventilated region. Also, do not forget to take half-hour breaks in between, as too much exposure to this oil without breaks can cause headache, dizziness or even nausea. Another important thing to keep in mind is to never let it come in contact with children or pets. 

Uses Of Patchouli Oil You Must Know About

1. Pain Reliever

Due to Patchouli oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it has also been proven to serve as a great pain-reliever. If you are facing struggles like muscle pain or soreness, going for this essential oil is going to help you overcome it. 

2. Energising Agent

Patchouli Essential Oil can be used to say goodbye to all the stress and tension due to its soothing as well as stabilizing effect. You can either use it as a means of Aromatherapy or even apply it topically on your skin. 

3. Breath Freshener

Mixing the Patchouli essential oil along with a mouth-freshening carrier oil like Mint oil can leave your breath fresh and clean in no time. The deodorizing effect of Mint and the goodness of this essential oil can do you wonders!

4. Skin Stabilizer

Patchouli essential oil can be used to enhance your skin’s appearance without any harmful side effects. Adding a few drops of this essential oil to your regular moisturizer and applying it to your skin can help you get rid of skin problems. 

5. Earthy Fragrant

Major cologne and perfume companies also use this essential oil for its strong, sweet aroma. You can also use it to create your very own scent by experimenting with your favourite carrier oils and adding this essential oil to them. 

6. Insect Repeller

Insects can be carriers of various bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms. They can cause severe damage to your body, from food poisoning to allergies. Also, certain insects can also cause infectious diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Yellow fever and many others. Patchouli essential oil possesses antibacterial properties, which can kill various harmful insects like flies, Mosquitoes, Fleas and others. 

7. Treating Respiratory Issues

Filled with the goodness of antibacterial and expectorant properties, Patchouli essential oil helps in treating a lot of respiratory issues. It helps in getting rid of mucus by clearing nasal airways and is also helpful in providing relief from Chest Congestion. It is also beneficial for treating problems like Asthma, Sinus, Bronchitis, Pharyngitis and headaches. 

8. Useful For Weight Loss

Patchouli essential oil is helpful for promoting weight loss. By adequate use of this oil, one can lose an acceptable amount of weight in no time. 

The Bottom Line

The Patchouli EO benefits are numerous, and by taking proper precautions, anyone can make the most of it in no time. Without thinking twice, feel free to go for this essential oil as it is sure to provide you with all the comforts you require. From calmness to energy, this oil has got it all ready. Just apply it according to the prescribed rules and get ready to reap its benefits!