Why Do People Love To Take Magic Mushrooms?

For many years, people have been taking magic mushrooms to extract their potential benefits. You can get more than two hundred species of this component. As all the species look pretty similar, people find it tough to differentiate these species. This is the chief reason people, at times, end up consuming poisonous mushrooms, as they mistakenly take them as magic mushrooms. The active components present in magic mushrooms are psilocin and psilocybin, two well-known chemicals. In the form of psychoactive compounds, psilocin and psilocybin are controlled under the UN Drug Control Conventions.

The effects of mushrooms

When people consume magic mushrooms, they do not experience the same effects as their effects vary from one person to another. Again, the strength of these compounds to varies hugely. One mushroom might comprise varying concentrations of active compounds in comparison to another. Hence, the impacts of magic mushrooms are dependent on the type of mushroom that a person has taken, as well as the dosage. Before people buy magic mushrooms UK, they keep in mind all these things besides many others.

The selling of magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are sold unlawfully in the form of powder or dried whole mushrooms. A person might also take this compound in other ways, including:

  • Swallow them as capsules.
  • Eat cooked or raw.
  • Sniff the powder.
  • Ground up and utilized for making tea.
  • Mix in their beverages.

However, a person must be careful and never inject magic mushrooms intravenously as there have been several case reports that state the danger of intravenous injecting of mushrooms that, includes multi-system organ failure and septic shock.


The physiological impacts of magic mushrooms

Various magic mushroom species exert various effects. A few factors that play important roles are the mind-set of people, and their body types, such as metabolism, weight, and tolerance. After people take low to moderate dosages of magic mushrooms, which means between 2 grams to 10 grams, they feel the effects in thirty to sixty minutes. The impacts of psilocybin last between three to six hours, and after this period, the effects lessen to negligible. All these effects are classed as somatic and psychic, which comprise cognitive, emotional, perceptual, and ego dissolution. According to a review, authors found that the psychic impacts comprise hypnagogic experiences, stimulation of effect, dreams, and alterations of time perception, synesthesia, and illusions.

Somatic experiences get mixed and comprise accelerated or slowed heartbeat, decreased or increased reflexes, hypertension, hypotension, nausea, tremor, and dysmetria. These authors also focused on a few intriguing subjective impacts of psilocybin:

  • Mitigated authoritarian views.
  • Optimistic alterations in personality as well as high altruism for the environment and society.
  • Improved connectedness.
  • Pro-environmental behaviour.
  • Lessened criminal or violent behaviour.
  • Lessened suicidal ideation.
  • Lessened ego and narcissism.
  • Prosocial behaviour.
  • Augmented well-being.
  • Enhanced meditation depth.
  • Worthwhile personal changes.

Vital things to consider

People should never buy magic mushrooms UK without enough knowledge. They need to know that psilocin and psilocybin are created as well as sold unlawfully in capsules, tablets, or powder. And drugs that are created unlawfully do not emerge as tested. Hence, they might comprise some hazardous substances.